Student songwriting duo take on HUB Festival

MA Songwriting & Production Students


Songwriting and Production students Beth and Abi talk about forming their band and overcoming challenges.

“The Songwriting and Production course has provided a supportive environment for us to explore and refine our skills. It has really helped with building our confidence and, even if you’re not a performer, it teaches you not to be overly precious about your songs through workshopping, sharing ideas and learning from guest lecturers

Don’t be worried about performing, you don’t even have to perform at all if you don’t want to, you can focus your energy on songwriting or producing instead. We came together as a result of our performance module, where we decided to play for each other, and our collaborative module, where we went away and wrote three songs together.

We gelled really well, and it just worked, so from there we decided to start building our online presence as Point of View, posting videos, gigging together and reaching out to local venues and then we were asked to play at HUB Festival.
The University facilities are great – it’s so easy to book a recording studio or rehearsal space online. You can even hire lots of equipment from guitars to microphones, which also means you can practice in your own time.

The Songwriting and Production masters’ course has really improved our playing standards – we feel like we could get up and perform with our instruments comfortably now. We’ve learnt so many different ways to write music and we can now write and produce songs that are of a good enough standard to move forward with.”


Students also have the opportunity to have their tracks mastered to vinyl.
Follow the Soundcloud link to hear a range of student work that has been selected for the USW annual vinyl sampler. The 'Vinyl Sampler' is sold at the legendary Spillers Records in Cardiff and has been played by BBC introducing DJs Bethan Elfyn and Adam Walton.