My first year working on live projects

Luciana Uzeanu, cyber security student

Luciana Uzeanu is moving in to her second year on BSc (Hons) Applied Cyber Security, here's what she says about her first year being a part of the NCSA.

"During my first year, I worked on a digital forensics project with J French Consultants based on extracting data from an IoT device. This was definitely my favourite project so far. We were asked to produce a business case detailing why we chose the IoT device to investigate, what we think we will find on that device and how will it be useful in forensic investigations. The project developed my cyber investigating skills, along with my understanding of cyber law and how to apply it to investigations. 

Another of the live projects I worked on was lead by Wolfberry - a leading cyber security consultancy. The project encompassed two of my first year modules - cyber tool and practices, and essentials of professional skills in cyber security and governance. 

Working on live projects, especially in my first has been great. I've really been thrown in and able to test my skills and provide my ideas to solutions. I've gathered experience in a wide range of software packages and open source intelligence tools as well as working on my transferable skills such as team work, time management etc. Through the University, we have access to a very wide range of ISO (standards) or other governmental documentation which has helped through all projects I've been a part of. 

Having this real-life experience has prepared me for when I graduate. Having direct contact with organisations isn't a part of many university courses, but I'm so glad I've had the opportunity.