Mark Bond is GSA Senior Tutor and Director and Lead Personal Safety Tutor for Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

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"Since applying for and passing The BSc (Hons) Professional Practice in Violence Reduction course in 2015, I have gained confidence in my own ability as well as a formal qualification in my chosen field of violence/ restraint reduction. 

Before my studies I always felt I was being held back as a clinician and tutor due to not been a qualified mental health nurse, and at times not being allowed to apply for certain roles the same reason. 

Since qualifying and gaining the BSc, I now feel that I have the knowledge, confidence and understanding as to why we as healthcare professionals working in a mental health environment quite often have to deal with complex challenging behaviours. 

It has made me challenge my own practice, and helped to address a culture of restrictive practices by providing employees with evidence based alternative methods for reducing violence and aggression (for example implementing recognised strategies such as Safewards). 

Having the BSc has opened new doors and given me the opportunity to be promoted to my current role as a senior manager in Berkshire Healthcare as a Personal safety Lead / Operational policy Implementation Lead.  The new Restraint Reduction Network and 2019 Accreditation Standards has also proven to me why I believe this course is a must to help make our hospitals a less challenging and safer place."