Lauren lands an S3 Advertising role through her second-year internship

Lauren Dutson - Advertising Design

Lauren Dutson, a final-year BA (Hons) Advertising Design student, has landed a job at S3 Advertising. She will take up her role on completion of the course.

What did you love the most about your placement?

I loved working as part of an integrated agency. I find it so exciting to work with multiple different departments. As my lecturers know, I wasn’t sure what part of advertising I wanted to go into, as I love designing, and social media. I was also interested in becoming an account handler! My time at S3 helped me to understand what side of advertising suited me. Now, I'm even interested in becoming a copywriter, which I'd never considered before.

What will you take from the experience?

Confidence definitely, I’ve always been one to doubt my ability but working on projects for real clients, with real deadlines and getting praise from such talented people gave me the confidence boost I needed. I also feel like I will be coming out of this experience with a level of professionalism I wouldn’t have had going into the third year if I didn’t have this opportunity.

How did the course prepare you for the placement?

The modules offered on the Advertising Design course lend themselves to working in the industry. Every module is designed to make you a more desirable candidate after graduation. That’s what sets it apart from other courses. The lecturers are supportive and experienced in the industry. They are also great for advice and let you know what to expect.

What job were you offered at the end of your placement for S3?

I was offered a job after completing S3 Academy, but as I was only in the second year, they offered me a 3-month summer internship and the opportunity to start in June 2020 after graduation. I'll be given my job title when I come back to work over Easter!

How did you feel, being offered the job?

Honestly, I didn’t believe it at first. It was the first internship I'd done. So, I never thought I'd be coming out of it with a job. Especially with only being in my second year! I feel lucky to have been welcomed in as warmly as I have at S3. I worked hard for this, and I'm very proud of myself.