Student Testimonials

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John Gilmour is Clinical Violence Reduction Specialist and Team Lead Violence Reduction Service NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

“I found the BSc (Hons) course in Violence Reduction exciting and stimulating. It has enabled me to incorporate evidence based knowledge and skills into my clinical practice area, benefitting not only my own professional development – but the clients in my care.”

Josie Harbison is Team Leader for Memory and Later Life Services South Lakes Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

“I found the BSc Violence Reduction to be a very motivating, enlightening course which allowed me to appreciate and fully enjoy my studies. On my return to work, I was inspired to further develop my knowledge in the area of violence reduction. “Along with developing my knowledge, the course also gave me a sound value base for my attitudes in working to reduce violence and aggression in clinical practice. I fully believe it was of great benefit to me when, (as a band 5 staff nurse) I gained a secondment role for Lead Nurse in Effective Aggression Management. I now lead my Community Team.”

James Walton is Clinical Nurse Specialist Violence Reduction & Mental Health Legislation Training Coordinator Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust.

“I have found the course to be invigorating and educational and to be quite honest a breath of fresh air from the usual furore that surrounds the world of violence reduction. The passion and knowledge shown by the course facilitator(s) is reassuring and the majority of lectures hit the brief of their subjects. It was nice to meet likeminded individuals from different parts of the country and I have made contact with a few of the other students already for support and advice. It would be advantageous to keep these links and share good practice principals and ideas around violence reduction measures.”

Brian Hanna is former Specialist Violence Reduction South London & Maudsley NHS FoundationTrust.

“I felt the course matched my objectives and the opportunity to discuss/debate/challenge in an open and assertive manner in a safe environment was particularly refreshing. Support from tutors both pre and post course is also a major plus and of course the fact that this extended outside of class time help forge relationships and friendships that aid the learner. The campus, university facilities and learning environment is extremely good with all at hand to help with assignments and other projects. Lecturers were knowledgeable and credible and appeared passionate about the subject matter which is very important to me on a personal level.”