Stefany Iova Student Blogger

1. Go to freshers’ fair and get as many freebies as possible 

So…first week is just great, absolutely great. Why? I ate for free a week straight (lunch and dinner) at different places around Cardiff and got a bunch of free stuff, from goodies to gig tickets and free drinks (lots of them). 

2. For your well-being, make a cleaning schedule for your house 

Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t care that much, maybe you just spend a lot of time in your room and don’t care about the rest of the house, but a decently clean house never hurt anyone, right? You live together now, try to cooperate, be a good housemate - don’t steal food or washing up liquid!

3. ALWAYS back up your work

We all know how everyone stresses this, but back up essays, projects, presentations and everything else. There's nothing worse than your laptop crashing the day before a deadline (happened to me this year) and then having to write EVERYTHING in less than 24 hours.

4. Don’t live off noodles and take-away food

I know, I know…how can you be a student and eat healthy at the same time? A bit of an overstretch, ey? Doesn’t have to be… Eating healthy and sticking to a plan when it comes to buying your weekly food will save you money - yes, money, eating healthy is not THAT expensive! 

5. You probably have an accent aaaaand people will notice it 

If you’re an international student, do prepare for the questions, banter and occasional confusion. From people thinking my accent is American, to those who thought I’m Canadian. Don’t take it too personally, people are just trying to make friends when they’re freshers and are usually just curious!