Tal Harding coached rugby in Cologne, Germany

Tal Harding

USW student Tal Harding recently visited Cologne, Germany, to coach 100 young people for the BSc (Hons) Rugby Coaching and Performance.

“Through the course, I had the opportunity to coach 100 young people with two fellow students in Cologne, Germany, during the summer. The 10-day experience was incredible, and I had the chance to work with people from various backgrounds from different countries. Some were even refugees. The biggest challenge I faced during the trip was the language barrier, but it got easier each day.

The trip boosted my confidence massively as I was able to implement the knowledge and skills gained on my course. I loved the buzz of seeing others learn through the experiences I’ve had. I’m so grateful that the lecturers on the course recognised my capabilities to undertake the challenge. I would love to go back next year to do it all again and to gain more valuable experience.

My time at Cologne confirmed that coaching is the area I want to build a career in, as seeing the children happy was extremely rewarding. This year, to further my coaching skills, I’ll be undertaking a placement at the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), which will see me coaching in schools and helping run events in the Blues region.

The opportunity I had to work in Germany was through the connections the teaching staff have, which is fantastic. So, my thanks go to the lectures, Dean Parsons, Ben Daniels, Tom Cole and Ioan Paval for their continued support throughout my time at USW. My advice to students is to say yes to as many opportunities as you can, as it will make you more employable following the course.”