Simba works as an Account Manager for Epoch Design

Simba Kaur

Simba Kaur is an alumnus of the University, working as an Account Manager at Epoch Design. She graduated from BA (Hons) Advertising Design.

“In my role at Epoch, I work closely with clients and a large part of my role is relationship building. I also bring in briefs and projects which I then have to project manage, working with our designers to create something that will meet the clients brief. I work with the client to check that they are happy with the concept created by the team while responding to any challenges.

Following graduation, I connected with Epoch. Chris Yeates, an employee there, remembered me from a brief I'd worked on for my course. Aware I was good at presenting and connecting with people, he asked to meet me at the Epoch office. At the meeting, I had the opportunity to share my portfolio of work. My passion for the projects I’d been involved in was apparent when discussing my work. So, Epoch offered me a three-month internship. I was offered a permanent role of Account Executive at the end of the three months, before landing the role of Account Manager. In this role, I was then given my first account with Revlon.

My first experience of client management was with Revlon, and so my experience from the Advertising Design course gave me the skills for my new role. The exposure you get with industry on the course is key to being successful in the workplace. It also prepares you for the challenges you will face. I didn’t realise the importance of the client service aspect of the industry until I undertook an YCN project. Through a portfolio review, I identified opportunities to work with client services. Design was not my strongest point, so this insight opened new opportunities for me.

The Advertising Design degree has taught me to have open conversations with a room full of creative people, as it generates some great ideas. I’ve learned to ask lots of questions. By doing so, I’ve been able to do a better job of meeting my client’s brief. Most importantly, I’ve learned that my greatest strength is just being myself. The energy will bring to your work will be the reason why people will want to work with you.

I love my job as I’m doing what I enjoy, and I never know what the next day/client will bring. I’ve met so many creative people with brilliant abilities, which have broadened my mind. From being in the workplace, I’ve learned the most valuable thing I can give to my clients and creative studio team is my time, which is why I use it wisely.”

 Sim’s top tips for advertising design students

  • Take advantage of the opportunities you have to gain industry experience. It will help you to decide what it is you want to do following the course.
  • Undertake projects you care about, as it gives you credibility as a person when attending interviews.
  • Network! You never know when these connections will help you.