Award winning lecturers and students showcase the impact of USW research on modern life

Sandra Esteves, from The Sustainable Environment Research Centre (SERC) is the module leader for the specialist module ‘Anaerobic Treatment Processes’ on the MSc Renewable Energy and Resource Management degree at USW that she launched in 2005/6.

At the recent USW Impact Awards, Professor Esteves was awarded  ‘Best Impact on the Economy’, a prize sponsored by Capital Law.

Her work has included developing innovative biotechnology to harness the economic benefits of clean energy: helping industry reduce their energy use, making them more sustainable economically and environmentally friendly and enabling greater deployment of renewable energy.

Dr. Tim Patterson is a lecturer in Sustainable Energy Science at SERC and works in partnership with Professor Esteves on multiple research projects. The SERC is a research centre bringing together academics from biology, engineering, chemistry and physics to address major challenges in energy and environmental research and development.

It is this research that informs the teaching and course design of the MSc course ensuring content is relevant and applicable to the real world, making our postgraduate students more employable and knowledgeable when they graduate.

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