Georgia's grown on a personal and professional level through her course

Georgia Satchwell - MSc Clinical Psychology.jpg

Today, Georgia Satchwell is graduating from the MSc Clinical Psychology. She speaks about how the course has helped her to grow on a personal and professional level.

“It feels incredible to be graduating today. Through completing the clinical psychology masters, I’ve become more aware of myself, and how I receive and provide information. I’m more open to ideas and patient with others.

On a professional level, I’ve become confident in my ability to take up space in conversation and issues related to mental health care.  My course taught me to solve problems systematically, to make the best decision about issues. Additionally, the culture of the University provided a safe academic space for me to ask questions and critically engage with staff and students about issues.

The biggest challenge during the course was self-management, learning to work efficiently and having a balanced life. I overcame this by seeking help from the Study-Skills Centre and through talking to my lecturers. They would offer feedback, best practices and lessons through lived experiences, where they shared how they overcome similar challenges. I appreciated this from the clinical psychology team, especially during the overwhelming stages of my dissertation write-up.

Following the course, I plan to use the knowledge, as well as, networks within the USW and Chevening alumni, increase awareness of the mental illness, and to promote and improve existing services for mental users in Jamaica, my home country.”