I’m excited to go out into the world of music!

Bethan Ayres

Bethan Ayes is graduating today from MA Songwriting and Production. She’s in two bands ‘Risorius’ and ‘Point of View’, who formed during the course.

“It feels daunting to be graduating, but I’m excited to go out into the world of music. Through the course, I feel far more prepared, and it’s justified to me that it’s what I want to do for a living.

Completing the major project album, was my greatest achievement, on the course. I would never finish my songs, so I’ve learnt to persist and to get past any blocks. It’s been a journey discovering what my sound is, and it has evolved throughout the course. You have to be versatile and capable of recording, mixing, writing, performing and even networking in the music business today. I've developed these skills, and I'm ready for work in the industry.

I was adamant I wouldn’t do the performance module, starting the masters. The idea of it scared me as singing and speaking in front of others makes me feel nervous. However, the lecturers and course mates provided me with advice about how to combat nerves, warm up the voice, and how to give an engaging performance. I’m so grateful Abbie persuaded me to study it. We wouldn’t have formed our band if I hadn’t.

The band is called ‘Point of View’, and currently we’re working on our online presence and writing more songs to get an EP together. Following our first gig at Zen Bar we're now gigging regularly, playing The Moon, Tiny Rebel, Oxjam, Swansea Fringe and HUB Festival etc. We're also in the process of booking summer festivals and applying for funding and schemes, such as Forte and Horizons.

The Course Leader, Matt Evans has been brilliant; he's supported us whether it was with university work or helping us start our careers. Even though as a class we're graduating, we know we can access support from the University and lecturers.”