Professor Richard Dinsdale awarded £22m from the Royal Academy of Engineering


Professor Richard Dinsdale, chair of Sustainable Environmental Systems and lecturer at USW, is one of nine academics in the UK to be awarded £22m from the Royal Academy of Engineering to advance emerging technologies and benefit society through research.

The Royal Academy of Engineering aim to make the UK the leading nation for Engineering innovation and businesses, address the engineering skills crisis and position Engineering at the heart of society. With the help of research funding, Prof. Dinsdale will be able to develop his ideas and progress them from basic science through to full deployment and commercialisation. 

He aims to develop and commercialise microbial bio-electrochemical systems for waste treatment and resource recovery, an innovation that will make the industrial processes more efficient. It is this kind of industry-leading research that count could enhance wastewater treatment, improve metal recovery and help convert carbon dioxide into renewable green platform chemicals.

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