Science is more than graphs and tables!

Shannan Southwood-Samuel fell in love with Chemistry after her year eleven teacher showed her how fun it could be.

From Sports to Science: How Shannan Southwood-Samuel fell in love with Chemistry:

“I always saw myself training to be a P.E. teacher - pursuing a career in science had never even crossed my mind until I met my year eleven Chemistry teacher.

She was an incredibly inspiring woman. From setting desks and balloons on fire to making chemistry seem easy. At that point, I knew that chemistry was the industry for me.

During my A-levels, I became a STEM ambassador and attended events to promote girls in science and to encourage them to consider a career in science.

I am now completing a PhD in up-grading coke oven by-products by Tata Steel.

The reason I’m here today is due to my parents, without their encouragement and support, I would have never applied to study at USW.”

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