The Forté Project and USW: Creating marketing and content strategies for artists

HANA2K (Forte Project).png

The Forté Project is an innovative artist development scheme which has successfully helped to uncover, capture and support exciting new music emerging from South Wales. The programme of activity, mentoring and support is tailored to meet the needs of the artist at a critical point in their musical and creative careers. 
USW students Kieran Butler and Matthew Dunn worked on the HANA2K Marketing Campaign (image above), to raise awareness of the brand, by generating “Get2Know” type content that could be used to promote the music video “Pretty Enough”. 
Industry partnerships are at the heart of our degree programs, providing unique curriculums and real-world learning to ensure students are equipped with the current needs of the sector. 
BA (Hons) Music Business students work with Forté artists to develop strategies and content for marketing campaigns, connecting first-hand with emerging talent and the creative industry in Wales. Through building a 'world of work' portfolio students gain a head start in the business and develop valuable networks. 
Speaking about the project, Forte Director Spike Grittiths said: “Forté Project prides itself on its strong industry and education partnerships, and the collaborative work with USW BA (Hons) Music Business has been a great example of engaging new music makers with aspiring industry professionals. From the project's viewpoint, we're always looking for new people to join our team, and this course provides us with lots of potential new colleagues and expands our network of freelancers.” 
Katerina Skalova and Petar Rodic are another example of USW students working with Forté. They were involved with the Otto Music Marketing Campaign, producing content to support the release of acoustic folk/pop 4 track EP entitled 'Post'.