Coping during lockdown

Megan Ware - Learning Disabilities.jpg

Megan Ware, a learning disabilities student nurse, who joined the course following the completion of a music degree, to gain the skills required to work in a profession caring for people, shares her tips for coping during the lockdown.

“Working with people with learning disabilities, empowering and supporting them, is something I feel proud and privileged, to do. For someone with a learning disability, who is struggling in lockdown, my ‘Top 3 Tips’ for you are:

  • You can still have fun! Have a plan in place to ensure you undertake meaningful activities.
  • Learn a new skill! What a great time to do this, whatever you choose.
  • Keep in touch with the people you can’t see. Phone them, Zoom them, Skype them, Facebook message them! Even though you may not be able to see your loved ones in person, you can still be a part of a community, and talk to them using technology!

Personally, not seeing my family and friends, face to face, has been the hardest thing during the lockdown. I’m a very social person who enjoys keeping busy in the evenings, going to choir, going for coffee or food with my friends and taking my grandparents for lunch. I’m also a Christian, so not going to chapel every Sunday has been strange. I’m missing my church family and fellowship with them; although we have kept in touch.

During the lockdown, I’ve kept in contact with family and friends, over the phone and online. I’ve also taken regular walks, with the family I live with, to relax, and I undertake a Pilates Zoom session every evening. Having this routine has been fab, and I’m grateful for technology.

These are unprecedented times, so my message to students, starting in September, is to remember everyone is ‘in the same boat’. In terms of updates and plans moving forward, you're not on your own. There will undoubtedly be times of anxiety, but the staff at the University are absolutely fab and so supportive. They will be there for you, regardless of whether teaching and learning are online.”