Lecturers made me feel as though I was still in the classroom with my classmates, even though it was virtual!

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Joanna completed her final term of her final year at USW through distance learning. The transition from classroom to online learning was seamless thanks to expert guidance and 1 to 1 meetings with her lecturers. Here she tells us how, virtually, the class prepared for their final year exams and felt as though they were still together, despite the distance.

“Moving to online learning so quickly was a bit shocking at first because it was very sudden. I was in the last semester of my final year and was worried about how I would complete my dissertation and final coursework. 

I am extremely thankful to my lectures who made this difficult transition as smooth as possible. The amount of support, encouragement and understanding they all showed was unbelievable. My lectures were available for support with any inquiries their students had. I was even able to schedule 1 to 1 meetings with them when I needed to speak to them. They answered emails regularly and made changes to our coursework to ensure everyone could complete it.  We were even given remote access to our USW Computing labs to finish coursework which had to be done on the university network.

Even though our exams were online, we had incredible preparation. My lectures held virtual lectures for exam reviews, where all my classmates were able to join and ask questions. They made me feel as if I was still in that classroom with my classmates even though it was all virtual. I am thankful to my lectures for the support and encouragement they gave me over the last few months.”

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