Our tutors have given us the best possible virtual learning experience

Erik Kelly - Computer Forensic.png

The main advantage of online learning for student Erik Martin was flexibility. The ability to watch recorded lectures, access cyber labs remotely and have one to one meeting online with his tutors allowed for the best possible learning experience. Here he tells us how he found the transition to remote learning during his final term.

“Due to Covid-19, we had to move from physical to virtual sessions quite fast. However, everything worked out well, as the university quickly gave us students remote access to the cyber labs. This allowed us to access the necessary software and tools, which was only available in the labs. One of the many advantages of remote learning is flexibility. It allowed me to be flexible and work at any location and time during the day. With the lectures both being live-streamed and recorded, I could easily watch them when suitable. It also allowed me to re-watch them if necessary.

As many of the lectures were live-streamed, the students could interact and ask questions during the sessions. The combination of remote access to the cyber labs, the online learning material, and live-streamed lectures gave me everything I needed to be successful in completing my degree. The tutors were also available for one-to-one sessions if necessary. Overall, studying computing online provided me with the same amount of resources and results as being physically at the university. I am very pleased how the tutors have worked to give us students the best possible learning experience and outcome.”

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