Remote learning has accelerated my skills and I'd like to see it stay in the future

generic student

At the start of the pandemic, Nick Kelly, a third year BSc Computer Security student, was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to complete his studies virtually as well as if he was still on campus. To his surprise, remote learning helped to develop additional skills such as time management and accountability and now believes it should stay long-term. 

“With the switch to digital learning, my lecturers were available just as much as they were previously, and we even did my final dissertation VIVA remotely. Presenting slides over the internet isn’t all that different from presenting in person, and as we were all new to this way of working, we figured out any technical issues or perceived difficulties together. By attending digital lectures and sessions with lecturers, I was still able to gain the same insights as I would have if we attended in person and was still able to ask any questions that came up right there and then via the learning software. In some ways, remote learning has accelerated my skills because I had to factor in better time management and accountability for myself and the work I was producing.

The most surprising thing to me was how much you can get done from the comfort of your own home! The people I needed to stay in touch with the most were always available, such as my final project supervisors. I managed to stay on top of the work and came out of it feeling like this way of learning should probably stick around in the future, especially as the techniques are developed and changed as they go." 

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