Hannah Taylor has been named a Cardiff COVID 19 Hero

Hannah Taylor - Adult Nursing.jpg

Hannah Taylor is one of the 10 the Cardiff COVID 19 Heroes, and she has recently completed her adult nursing course. Hannah’s portrait was painted by Nathan Wyburn and put up in the city for going above and beyond during the pandemic.

Here she talks about how it felt to be named a hero, her work during the pandemic, and her student journey.

“I had no idea I was nominated for one of Cardiff’s COVID 19 Heroes. When I had the phone call to say I’d been named as one of the 10 heroes, I was speechless. I asked the lady twice if she had the right person. I’ve been overwhelmed by the kind words I’ve received from family and friends since.

During the pandemic, all student nurses were offered the chance to “opt-in”, to help. We were placed where the greatest need was. I admire all student nurses that took up this opportunity; with some leaving families to get stuck in and help. I’m located at a lovely ward in the University Hospital of Wales, where we care for patients that have suffered a stroke. The team have been amazingly supportive, especially my mentor Ruth.

Getting to the end of my nursing degree and becoming a qualified nurse is my greatest achievement. Never in a million years did I think I’d get to where I am today. Becoming a qualified nurse has always been my dream. Being able to care for those that can’t care for themselves is an honour.

The biggest challenge of my nursing degree was to keep going when life became hard. During my second placement of the third year, I had the heartbreaking news my dad had cancer. At the time, I was on was hospice care, and it hit home hard. I struggled to hold my emotions in.

USW teaching staff have been so supportive, especially Sister Morgan. I’ve made amazing friends through my journey and will treasure them all. They have been my support network over the last few months. I’ll miss the safety of university, knowing there are so many people you can turn to for advice and guidance.”