Ethan will be maintaining law and order as a Metropolitan Police Constable

Ethan Davies - Police Sciences student

Ethan Davies Has landed his dream job at the Metropolitan Police.

Here, the BSc (Hons) Police Sciences graduate talks about his new role and how it feels to have completed his course.

"I’ve finally landed the job of a lifetime, in my eyes, as a Police Constable (PC), ‘a bobby on the beat’ and it’s in the capital of the United Kingdom. The role involves protecting and maintaining law and order in the communities of London. Every day there will be something new to respond to. I’ll be working hard to pass my foundation training which is 13 weeks long. I’m excited to put on the uniform and to go out on patrol, making a difference, with my team.

I’m over the moon to finally have completed my Policing degree. Especially during the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19 and the physical/mental effects, it’s had on society. I’m immensely proud of myself for securing the job I’ve desired for so long.

Over three years, I’ve experienced enormous amounts of pressure and challenges. The biggest challenge was occupying two jobs while studying and volunteering for Specials. I found it hard waking at 4am, doing 5am until 9am shifts in Lidl, and then going straight to lectures and then having to complete assignments. The best thing I had in my locker was determination and hard work to get over the finish line.

My advice to policing students is to put hard work and effort into your assignments and MCQ’s. It will help steer you towards your future goals and the jobs you wish for, following university."