Research is great fun!

Dr Angelo Iannetelli - chemistry graduate

Dr Angelo Iannetelli graduated with first-class Honours from the BSc (Hons) Chemistry degree at USW before progressing to a PhD. He is currently carrying out postdoctoral research.

"Research, in general, is full of ups and downs. Perhaps this is more intrinsic to chemistry-related research but it’s possible for any PhD student to spend long hours working on a problem only to find that there may not be an achievable solution. It’s easy to become disheartened by what seems to be an unending string of failed attempts, but perseverance is key.

"There will be experiments that work and perhaps give results that are better than expected, and the perseverance makes these little breakthroughs all the more rewarding. It is actually great fun!

"I have always wanted to work in a laboratory, ever since getting my first chemistry kit as a child. I was hooked on the wonder of making new things and discovering what stuff was made up of - and that wonder has never left me.

“During my chemistry degree at USW, I worked as a summer research intern. Through this, I was able to contribute to my first scientific publication which was really exciting and proved to me that research was something I wanted to pursue.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at USW and have had great support from all the lecturers. The chemistry technical staff are a fantastic group of people for whom no request is too much trouble. What's more, I have had privileged access to first-class facilities and equipment, including the NMR machine - an absolute necessity for chemistry research!"

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