Clearing Online Open Day - What to ask

Clearing Online Open Days

Our Clearing Online Open Days are the ideal way to experience discover the opportunities waiting for you at USW this September. You can chat with students and staff to find out what it's like to live and study here as well as finding out about accommodation, student finance and much more. 
From asking our academics about our industry-standard facilities to finding out what life on campus is really like by chatting to our friendly student. We’ve pulled together some helpful questions to keep in mind while your speaking to our Students and Staff.  


What to ask academics

What are your previous students/graduates doing now? 
What topics or modules will I study as part of my course? 
How will blended learning work on my course?  
What scholarships and bursaries can I apply for? 
How is the course divided between theory and practical work?  
Will I have exams towards the end of the year or will I have a final year project? 
What facilities are available for my course? How about field trips? 
Can I gain work experience as part of my course or whilst at University? 
What kind of job can I get when I graduate? 
What grades and qualifications do I need to apply for this course? 
How do I apply? 


What to ask current students

Did you live in student halls? 
What are the good areas to live and why? 
Is it worth bringing my car to campus? How easy is it to get around on public transport? 
What clubs and societies can I join? 
What support services does the University offer?  
How have you found blended learning so far?  
Are you working on a dissertation? If so what is your project on?  
What are the sports facilities and activities like? 
What do you like most about studying at USW? 

What to ask the accommodation staff

What accommodation options are there for first years? 
What will accommodation be like under the COVID-19 restrictions?  
How much are the Halls of Residence? 
How and when can I apply? 
When is the application deadline? 
Will I get my first choice of Hall? 

And finally, here are our top Open Day tips

Book your place online via our website 
 Check the programme and plan what sessions online sessions you want to take part in. 
 Check out the virtual tours to see the campus and the facilities

Book your place for our next open day.