Aston shares how he's looked after his mental health throughout the pandemic

Aston Nicholls - Adult Nursing.jpg

For World Mental Health Day, Aston Nicholls, an Adult Nursing student, speaks about how he has looked after his mental health, during the coronavirus pandemic:

“I’ve been ensuring that I spend my non-working hours doing something that is either productive or makes me feel good!

All nursing students can relate to long working hours, as well as additional study time, and it can be tempting to have excessive lazy days given that the world is restrictive at the moment.

However, by catching up with friends virtually, reading a chapter of a book, using my favourite skincare products, or doing some creative work; I'm able to remind myself through ‘me-time’, that I matter, and that I love myself.

I’ve also tried to religiously stick to a sleeping pattern to ensure that, I’m well-rested and I have enough energy to overcome the additional everyday challenges that nursing brings, while on placement."