Following the loss of her twin brother, Jayde wants to make a difference through mental health nursing

Jayde Murray.jpg

Jayde Murray is a mental health nursing student who has inspired the nursing staff at the University. Jayde wants to be able to do more to support individuals suffering from mental health issues following the loss of her twin brother.

“I chose mental health nursing because I feel there needs to be much more support available to individuals suffering from mental health illnesses. I lost my twin brother to suicide two years ago, and help wasn’t available to him. I want that to change for individuals and their families.

By becoming a mental health nurse, I’m hoping to use my personal experience to gain a better understanding of people with mental health problems and to be able to provide help and support at a time when they need it the most.

Over the last 18 months, I feel I’ve grown so much as a person, through studying my nursing course. Not only have I learnt skills to support others when they are struggling with their mental health, but I’ve also found ways to help understand my thoughts and feelings during the process.

My advice to someone struggling with their mental health would be to reach out and accept support. There is such a stigma around mental health, and it needs to be talked about more often so that people feel able to ask for and to accept help. We all need to be that bit kinder and to realise that even the happiest of people can sometimes be going through dark times.”

Speaking about how Jayde has been an inspiration to her, Maria Parry, Course Leader for Nursing, said:

“As soon as Jayde commenced her training, she stood out. Her personality and ability to interact with both staff and her peers positively and often sharing her personal accounts was motivating.

She’s shared her reasons for entering nursing, and her desire to make a difference and help in any way she could, which was so evident.

Jayde volunteered to help where she could, wanting to be an ambassador to tell anyone what a great profession she had entered, and this was admirable with small children and a full-time course. Jayde is also a course rep, and I feel many of us could learn from her bubbly and helpful personality.”

Karyn Davies, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing, added:

“From a personal tutor perspective, Jayde has consistently performed well both academically and in clinical practice. She has a very high level of engagement with the whole programme despite finding some topics challenging, given her personal experiences.

Mental Health nurses are needed now more than ever, and I have no doubt Jayde will be a real asset to the specialist field, and one that makes a positive difference to those that require mental health support.”