Do you have a passion for making a difference within sport?

USW Sport

Regarded as one of the leading practitioners in the field of Personal Development in Sport, and of player/athlete welfare, Alun Davies is a proactive, adaptable, resilient, passionate and professionally accredited Personal Development practitioner and manager with 30 years’ experience of work across education, training and business change. Alun also has 20 years’ experience of working with elite athletes, professional players and support staff supporting their personal development and career transitions.

Why do you think the course is important?
Elite athletes / players are dedicated and show amazing commitment to becoming the best they can be within their sport.

There are many components to their development as an athlete but also, we must not forget the development they need as a person. The field and industry of Personal Development in Sport has grown greatly over the past 20 years with greater interest from within sport and at all levels.

There are still some misconceptions about the topic but also very few opportunities to undertake learning in the Field of Personal Development in Sport. Despite the various research into this topic on the various transitions and identity of an elite athlete/player this programme of learning within the Post Graduate Certificate developed by USW provides an opportunity for athletes, coaches, support staff, administrators, facilitators and practitioners to gain an understanding of the topic, learn the skills required to implement a personal development programme as well as undertaking a level of industry practicum to gain the necessary knowledge and competence that would enable those who support athletes / players to maximise their time during participation and grow as a person throughout their career in and out of sport.

Why did you want to be involved and lead the modules?
With over 20 years’ experience of working and learning in the field of Personal Development in Sport the opportunity to convey this knowledge and learning opportunity to others has always been an aim for me. I see the outcome of the combined group of modules available will provide a good base to understanding the issues, distractions, solutions, the resources and the application to provide a complete personal development service that is necessary within sport at many levels.

Who do you think the course will suit and why?
This course is suitable for many. A genuine passion for making a difference within sport is essential but it can also add value to any individual who work at all levels of sport for their own personal development.

It is a course that supports the individual athlete / player and the environment they participate in. The modules available will provide knowledge, theory and practical resource to those who wish to work as a Personal Development practitioner in the many various roles that exist across sport. It is suitable for those who are employed within professional and community sport whilst also a great opportunity for volunteers to add value to their own skills.

The course could suit a wide group including player welfare roles, personal development practitioners, elite sport education tutors, dual career support officers, coaches, support staff, administrators and managers would all benefit from gaining new skills that would enhance the services individuals receive within sport to ensure that they maximise their personal development whilst not compromising performance.