Global Entrepreneur Week 2020 - Richard Pring

Richard Pring GEW 2020.png

How would you describe being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is an amazing roller coaster of ups and downs! There is nothing else like it! You get to learn and experience things you would never get in a standard job, one minute you're filling in American tax forms the next you're showcasing a game in South Korea to 1000s of people! Never a boring year!

How was the University able to support you during your studies and as an alumnus?

The University has always been a cornerstone of my career from supporting me learning during my BSc and masters' course to business and career advice from lecturers post Uni. Also as an added bonus a great place to hire from! Because of our strong links we have employed over 90% of our staff through USW from 2nd-year students part-time to Alumni many of whom have been with the company over 5 years!

What would you say to someone thinking of starting their own enterprise?

My advice to anyone thinking of starting their own enterprise is simple, it’s easy to start most things in life, but the real talent is to finish them. Starting your own enterprise is no different, always keep your eye on what you are trying to achieve, keep it simple to start and bring in people and expertise to support holes in your knowledge. Keeping your momentum and passion throughout the highs and lows is key to a successful business.


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