Global Entrepreneur Week 2020 - Victor Ojabo

Victor Ojaboo

NDT South Wales Ltd is a Graduate Start-up Company based at The University of South Wales and Supported by Business Wales. NDT South Wales Ltd is a Non-Destructive Testing Company that will detect defects and damage in a huge range of products, plants and structures by providing superior value in testing, consulting, research & development and training.

As an Engineering graduate, doing an MBA motivated me to develop my own Business Idea and Start-Up.

How would you describe your experiences of being an entrepreneur?

In developing and starting up a new business, continuous learning is a very valuable life skill which has helped me develop strategies and skills.

How was the University able to support you during your studies and as an alumnus?

I have and still been supported by USW in terms of Business Advisory Support, Business Marketing Support, Facility and Equipment Support.

What would you say to someone thinking of starting their own enterprise?

Believe in your Business Idea and Plan, Market your story and Never give

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