Libertino Records join the Immersed Festival 2021 with its very own label stage

Gruff Owen Libertino.jpg

Libertino Records’ Gruff Owen speaks about the labels involvement in the University’s Immersed Festival, brought to you by Music and Sound at USW:

“Libertino is thankful and proud to be asked to have its own label stage at Immersed Festival 2021.

2020 was such a negative and devastating year for the arts; especially the live music sector. As music makers/music lovers, live music is in our bloodstream. It's how we communicate and share moments that transcend the insular and personal to being cathartic communal moments of shared joy.

Ending this year with the filming of our label day with Immersed, was a beacon of hope to our artists. Hopefully, it will also be to those who will view the online incarnation of the festival. Better days will come, and music is integral in lifting us up again.

Immersed is such a positive festival, and the enthusiasm and hard work of the students and staff who design and run the day, make it a delight to be apart of. It shows Welsh music from the artists to technicians, lighting, sound, film and promoters, who are building an exciting and robust Welsh music industry to take Welsh music to the world.”

Libertino represent Adwaith who won the Welsh Music Prize 2019 for their album Melyn. We are proud that Hollie Singer, from Adwaith, studied music and sound at the University for her undergraduate degree.

You can join the Immersed Festival online from 29-31 January 2021.