I've worked with industry professionals at Keep Cardiff Live and Save Our Venues

Immersed2021 - Abi Rumble

Abigail Rumble is part of the media production management team for Immersed 2021. We asked her about the festival and how it’s been adapted to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic:

What can people expect from Immersed this year?
At Immersed, audiences will see high-quality performances, with a full range of excellent acts to entertain the masses. Immersed is a pool of talent including not only everything you'll see in front of the camera but the crews and teamwork behind it.

How has the coronavirus affected the Immersed Festival?
Like everything, the coronavirus has made organising and producing incredibly challenging. The Immersed Festival has been turned into a virtual event this year. So, we haven’t sold tickets, but we are hoping to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

How have you overcome the challenges you faced?
Due to the pandemic, we didn’t have many people based in Cardiff, which meant producing content featuring it became a challenge. To overcome this, we collaborated with other teams and year groups at USW. Organising film crews was tricky due to the restrictions. So, they all completed a Covid-19 awareness course, and we kept them to the bare minimum. We couldn’t film inside venues for the promotional videos so, we had to be creative, reaching out to gain indoor footage.

What was your involvement in the festival?
I’m a part of the management team for media production at Immersed. I overlooked the content creators’, who worked self-sufficiently. I helped organise any additional filming, the promotional videos and arranged crowdsourced content. I helped my team generate ideas and make as much additional content for the festival as we could. So, we had to work closely with the social media team.

What opportunities were you presented with through your involvement?
I've worked with industry professionals at Keep Cardiff Live and Save Our Venues, gaining strong industry links through Immersed.  The event has given me a greater understanding of how to work more efficiently and to industry standards. My connections have led me to potential work experience opportunities. I also collaborated with students from a variety of courses.

What have you enjoyed most about planning the event?
I think the most rewarding and enjoyable part of my involvement is seeing everyone’s hard work paying off as we start finalising the festival. Within my managerial role, the most enjoyable part was helping to resolve issues and supporting the team. On top of everything, knowing our hard work is for a great cause makes the stress worth it.