I’ve learnt I want to work in project and production management

Immersed2021 - Kerra Thomas.jpg

Media Production student Kerra Thomas talks about her role at the Immersed Festival and what audiences can expect this year from the event.

“I was one of three Media Production Managers for the Immersed Festival 2021. My focus was to oversee the editing of the performances, making all major editing decisions. I was also heavily involved in communication between the Popular and Commercial Music students and Media Production.

My favourite part of planning the festival has been seeing it come together and experiencing both audience and artist excitement for the event. I’ve had the chance to work with industry professionals and it’s also given me real-life experience in this sector. Collaborating with students from other courses allowed me to create connections and contacts that will be invaluable for me in the future.

We have a wide range of artists and genres lined up, combined with insightful behind-the-scenes interviews. There will be multiple themed stages so there truly is something for everyone. I’m looking forward to watching the Sofa Sessions stage - in particular KatieLou, and Emma Mae, their style is similar to music I listen to in everyday life. They both have beautiful voices.

Covid-19 has affected the festival massively, as for the past few years it's been a live event. We’ve had to alter it to become virtual to fit with the restrictions. Some of the performances have been filmed from home, and life has been full of Zoom meetings and emails! However, it’s going to be a great event. I’m so excited for everyone to see all the talent on display. 

The main thing I’ve learnt from this experience is that project and production management is the role I want to work in, in the future and has given me experience and knowledge to get me there.”