The variety of talent is unbelievable, and there are artists from each avenue of music

Immersed2021 - Niamh Colclough.jpg

Niamh Colclough who studies journalism, at the University shares her experiences of what it was like to work on the Immersed Festival 2021, from interviewing to being one of the presenters for the event.

“We have everything at Immersed 2021! The variety of talent is unbelievable, and there are artists from each avenue of music. We have exclusive interviews, music masterclasses and lots of ways to get actively involved. Most importantly, it will be three nights long, fun, exciting, entertaining, and music-fueled. Being a fan of music what I miss the most is just watching musicians perform on stage. So, it’s exciting that we have this opportunity, especially as it's in support of Teenage Cancer Trust. It’s been an honour to be part of the team, and I hope everybody who watches Immersed enjoys it as much as I have, helping to create it.

I’m one of the interviewers for the bands, at Tramshed, and one of the evening presenters. I’m presenting for the Unity event on Friday night, and the Libertino Records one on Sunday. I was only going to be an interviewer, but, myself and the other interviewers were asked if we would like to present the show. I hope to present within my future career so, this opportunity was amazing. It’s made me even hungrier for success. In my role, I got to ask the bands important questions, to me and them. I wanted to showcase who they were, and I think I did that well, which was very rewarding. I hope I've done them justice!

At the event, I’m looking forward to seeing ELLICE. She’s one of my best friends and is one of the most talented women I know. So talented, I’m making a documentary on her and her musical journey. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her on stage and her aura and vibe is just something you can't miss! I’m also super excited for, the sofa sessions on Sunday, I was there at Tramshed when they were performing, and they were just amazing! However, every artist and band has been great, and they are all so versatile and different, I’m looking forward to them all.

Much like every part of the music sector, Immersed has been affected by the pandemic. So, we’ve moved the festival online. It will be one of the only chances we’ll get to hear and see live performances for a while, which is why we’ve worked extra hard to make this year’s festival shine!

Through my involvement, I’ve learned that it can be stressful, but it’s an amazing industry to work in. The people are great, the sense of teamwork that there has been, throughout the whole process, (even without us being able to meet and work together) has been unbelievable. After working on the Immersed Festival with all these talented people, I’ve taken inspiration from them which will help me with my career in the media industry. Seeing such positivity, humility, and respect (even when times have gotten hard), has made me confident in succeeding in future circumstances.”