Immersed 2021: Don’t let a global pandemic stop you

Immersed Festival.jpg

Media Production student Isobel Reid is looking to expand her music tastes through the Immersed Festival. Learn about what she’s gained through her involvement in planning this year's online event:

“In all the years the Immersed Festival's run, this year will be the first one online, instead of being a LIVE, in-person event. Immersed 2021 is rich in diversity and inclusivity of the acts. There are returning acts and some new ones, which is always exciting.

At the event, I’m looking to expand my music taste with new artists. I’m in awe that people I’m working alongside for the festival, are also acts themselves. Without the festival, I wouldn’t have met the students, university staff, or industry professionals, who have made Immersed possible. They have made the experience enjoyable and will hopefully be connections for future projects.

I joined the festival as a Manager for Media Production, alongside two others. I appointed myself to oversee the Social Media Team who had a Head of Department. My role meant I would check in with them and attend meetings where appropriate, plus contact the right people if needed.

Planning the event has taught me to make as many connections as possible, don’t be afraid to ask for favours as you never know until you ask. Don’t let a global pandemic stop you!”