Lighting the way at Immersed! Festival

BSc (Hons) Lighting Design and Technology student, Joel Luther-Braun, was able to utilise the skills developed on his course at the annual Immersed! festival to bring performances to life. The festival was set up by USW students across a number of courses from music to engineering and raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

"Immersed Festival was a great opportunity to utilise the tools I had been learning over the year such as TouchDesigner. TouchDesigner allowed dynamic data merging and switching between Resolume and Avolites. This allowed for the colour of certain lights to either follow the video content on the screens or be controlled by the lighting operator.

The festival also allowed me to further my learning, especially with how LED screens work and how to set them up - from rigging them, to calibrating them and configuring them. One of my main jobs for Immersed was troubleshooting any problems that arose for lighting and visuals - whether this is a data problem with lights or someone wanting to know how to achieve something on a desk. The unknown of potential problems and troubleshooting them in an environment where time is of the essence is always a challenge, but incredibly rewarding when you fix the issue.

The collaborative effort of students from both the Lighting Design course and the Live Event course brought the production value of the event to new heights.  

The events and opportunities that are available to the students are not only a great opportunity to test out new ideas and enhance your skills, but it's also a great way to bond with your course mates - who you'll most likely end up seeing in the industry. Learning who was proficient in certain technical areas allowed us to work better as a team. I especially enjoyed teaching others how to use and run Resolume or the Avolites lighting console, as just seeing the enjoyment they get out of it is great!

The Lighting Design And Technology course has been invaluable to me. I came to university with quite a lot of knowledge surrounding the lighting industry, however, all my knowledge was self-taught. The course helped solidify the knowledge I had and confirmed to me that what I had learned was safe and good industry practice. The content taught also expanded my knowledge of areas I had never touched and given me a greater appreciation of both the lighting industry but also other industries that come together to develop and run events. 

With the course based within the capital of Wales, and within a creative campus: you'll always be around new and exciting opportunities, whether that be on-campus or off-campus."

Watch highlights from the 2021 Immersed! Festival.

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