Josh has been appointed joint manager of the Wales Walking Football Development Team.

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Josh Edwards is currently in his first year at USW studying BSc (Hons) Football Coaching and Performance. At only 18 years old, Josh has been appointed joint manager of the Welsh International Walking Football Development team. 

“I feel really proud to have been given the opportunity to coach and manage at a national level. Representing your country at any level and any sport should be and is a great moment. As development team manager my main objective is to get as many players as possible pushing for the National team and hopefully getting into it.” said Josh who has been working in the sport for around 3 years after setting up Carmarthen Town Walking Football. 

When asked how he found an interest in the sport, Josh said, “Carmarthen Town AFC had a new 3G pitch installed in the summer of 2017, and part of the pitch being laid was to provide a community aspect to using the pitch, so we looked into what activities we could put on and Walking Football was of interest to us. After contacting a few clubs in England with Walking Football teams already up and running, to see how they run their sessions, we decided to give it a go and I put myself forward to do it.”

“Having volunteered at Carmarthen Town AFC for a year or so before the 3G pitch was installed, I had a lot of support from the committee members, but also the general supporters from the club and especially my parents, who all offered me all the support needed to start the sessions up. We started on January 14th, 2018 and have run sessions nearly every Sunday since then.”

“Being around older people within the football club and speaking to them I always remember people telling me "I used to love playing football" or "I wish I could have one last game or play one more time" and this inspired me then to make sure the sessions were a success and to put that smile back on their faces. The enjoyment they get out of being back on the football pitch is such a rewarding thing to see.”

“It can be challenging creating the sessions and I have to ensure that players will be able to do it at walking pace instead of running. I often picture myself doing the session before delivering it to figure out if it will work or not.”

“Creating and running these sessions, however, is very rewarding and my favourite thing about it is seeing so many people, who haven’t been able to play full paced football in years, get that buzz back and see them smile. There is a real sense of family at our sessions which is great to see.”

“Doing a football coaching course means that all aspects of my education benefits me, especially the knowledge that my lecturers pass on and the guest lectures they set up for us are always interesting and helpful. My lecturer Lyn Jehu has been very supportive, and we often talk about the sport as there is direct alignment between my work and Lyn’s research.”

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