Determined to join her first-choice course, Sophie applied to USW via clearing

Sophie Jones - Child Nursing.jpg

Away, in Paris, Sophie was unable to attend her child nursing interview at USW. Failing to secure her place, her determination to join her first-choice course led to her re-applying via clearing. Here Sophie talks about her experiences of clearing and how she managed to land her place.

“I’m currently a second-year child nursing student at USW. All I can say is how much I appreciate being here right now.

Child Nursing is something I’ve always been passionate about. I feel we take a lot from life, and so it’s important to give back. For me, that’s helping poorly children get better or giving those at the end of life the best end to life possible.

When I applied for nursing through UCAS, I received an invite for an interview at USW. However, I was away in Paris so, I missed out on the opportunity at that present moment.

I was passionate about going to USW, as I heard good things about the support and the reputation it has for nursing students. So, when it came to clearing, I thought I would ring up and just hope for the best.

During the clearing call, they said they may not have space on the child nursing course but could offer me a place for adult nursing. However, I was adamant about waiting to see if there was space. I’m so grateful I did, as I was lucky to be offered an interview and, following that, a place on the course.

Looking back on results day, I was nervous, but I got the grades I wanted! If it wasn’t for all the hard work and dedication, I put in, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Reflecting on my journey to becoming a student nurse, it was worth reading up about the course before applying. It gives you an idea of what to expect and the grades you need to get onto it. I made a list and referred to it to make sure I was ticking things off as I went along.

My advice for anyone going through clearing is to work hard and keep that positive mindset. As much as it may feel like a massive step back when you see ‘rejected’ or ‘missed the deadline’, keep going. If you’re passionate about doing a course, you’ll do anything to study it!”