Top 5 Qualities of a Learning Disability Nurse

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For Learning Disability Week 2021, we asked our learning disabilities nursing teaching staff what they thought the ‘Top 5 Qualities of a Learning Disability nurse’ were.

Here are the qualities they identified:

1. Communication

A learning disability nurse is an effective communicator. They recognise their role is not just to transmit but to listen. Listening must include observing what individuals tell us through their behaviour.

2. Person-Centred Care

A learning disability nurse sees the person. They see their personality, their strengths, their likes and dislikes. They also support people with a wide range of needs. This means they have to question, challenge and develop creative approaches to providing individual support.

3. Critical Thinking & Creativity 

A learning disability nurse can think critically and be creative – responding to unique needs, wants and wishes to overcome barriers or obstacles.

4. Work in Partnership

A learning disability nurse works in partnership with the individual and the important people in the individual’s life.

5. Self-Awareness

A learning disability nurse is self-aware. They understand that how they behave can heavily influence how others behave. Therefore, they need to set the tone, know themselves and know how they work best.