I have made friends for life at USW

Hannah Cullen.jpg

Hannah Cullen studied MSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science. She has now started working within the NHS as a Respiratory Physiologist, which Hannah says is thanks to the MSc and the experience it gave her. 
Tell us about the location of the University? 
The University is located in Treforest, with this specific MSc course being taught primarily at Glyntaff and the Sports Park (which has free bus transport regularly from the Treforest Campus). It is surrounded by greenery, with lots of excellent walking and cycling routes and it has a real community-feel. The best part of the University’s location is the fact that it is only 30 minute train journey away from Cardiff, which is great for shopping, sports events and socialising. Aside from this, the close proximity to Cardiff opens up a huge range of placement and experience opportunities with hospitals and elite sports clubs. 
Which support services have you accessed and how have they helped you? 
I used the library services during the course for help with referencing and proofreading, which provided me with invaluable advice throughout the writing process of my dissertation. I also saw the careers advisor, to help with CV writing and interview preparation.  
How have you got involved in the social life at USW?  
I thoroughly enjoyed the social life at USW and would highly recommend joining a society or team at USW. I was Captain of the Women’s Badminton Team, and was involved in regular training sessions, matches and socials. I am now two years post-graduation but have definitely made friends for life from USW. 
Where have you lived and how did you find it?  
I have lived in both student accommodation at the Treforest Campus and also in private rental accommodation nearby. The accommodation was in an excellent location, close to the hub of student life (sports centre, SU and library) but also only a 15 minute walk over to the Glyntaff Campus for lectures. I shared with five other students who studied a range of different courses, and so I was able to make friends with people I wouldn’t ordinary meet during the course.  
Did you start studying straight after your undergraduate course? 
I started the postgraduate course immediately after finishing the undergraduate course as I wanted to continue expanding my knowledge and practical skills before applying for roles within the NHS. During the course, I juggled various commitments alongside it, such as helping to run the badminton club, working as Sport Science intern and also completing a research placement at the University Hospital of Wales. All of which complemented my learning experience greatly, helping to practically apply the knowledge I was being taught during lectures and seminars, as well as helping me network with professionals.  
How did you find the fees and funding process and did the money advice team help you? 
 I found the fees and funding process very straightforward and had no problems. The money advice team were extremely helpful and clearly explained the process to me prior to applying.  
Did you attend a University Open Day? 
I didn’t attend a University Open Day for the postgraduate course as I was already an undergraduate student. However, as part of my internship role, I conducted tours and talks within the Sport Science Department and so I am a huge advocate for the importance of attending an Open Day if you are considering applying to USW.