I was lucky to have a really good support system on and off the course

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Kirstie Davies graduated in 2016 from MSc Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. 
 What were the best bits about the course?  
I enjoyed getting to know fellow peers and develop a new support system during the course. I also enjoyed learning about theoretical models and how they would be applied in practice.  
What did you learn that will make you more employable? 
The process of developing a research project as part of my dissertation – particularly around gathering data and data analysis, really helped me secure a role as an Assistant Psychologist after graduation. I was able to demonstrate my ability to reflect on the process and experience of developing a research project from start to finish during interviews. 
I also feel it taught me to consider ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ within the wider socio-cultural context which has really helped me to develop as a clinician. British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited training programme leading to qualification as a Clinical Psychologist and eligibility to register with the Health Profession Council (HPC).  
Was it easy to stay in touch with course mates and lecturers? 
It has been easy to stay in touch with course mates due to social media being so accessible. One of my course mates has taken a similar career path to myself and offered some really useful guidance and support during my process of applying for the Clinical Doctorate. I have also stayed in touch with my supervisor from the course, who has been kind enough to provide a reference for me on a number of occasions.   
What made you choose USW?  
I am from South Wales and felt it would be a lovely experience to be able to study so close to home. I heard some positive experiences from previous students and felt USW could offer a breadth of experience during the course. It was through the University I was able to secure volunteer roles in the Play Therapy Department as well as the Behaviour Analysis Clinic.  
Did you study around other commitments? 
After completing my undergraduate course, I spent some time gaining relevant experience and decided that perusing a postgraduate degree would provide me with further theoretical knowledge and skills that I could apply in practice. I worked part time alongside the postgraduate course which at times, was challenging but I was lucky to have a really good support system both within and outside of the course.  
How did you find the fees and funding process and did the money advice team help you? 
I found the fees and funding process really straight forward. I didn’t receive any support from the money advice team but would have felt comfortable seeking support should I have needed it.  
Tell us about the location of the University and what you like most about it? 
It was really convenient and only a short commute from where I lived.  
Which support services have you accessed? 
I accessed the libraries numerous times during the course and always felt comfortable to ask for support from the library team.