I am working on enhancing the required skill set to pursue my dream role


What made you choose USW? 
Firstly, the beautiful town of Treforest and the huge campus attracted me. Secondly, the course confirmed I made the right choice by choosing USW. 
Why did you choose postgraduate study? 
I always wanted to pursue a Masters degree in the UK. I love learning so stopping at undergraduate degree was never in my mind. My enthusiasm for learning more about business made me choose MBA Global as my postgraduate course.  
What are the highlights of the course?  
The best part of MBA Global is the placement. What makes it stand out from the regular MBA is that after one year of learning the modules theoretically, we get an opportunity to put knowledge into practice through the placement. It’s a hands-on work experience for nine months before we step into the huge corporate world. 
What have you learned? 
I have gained leadership and entrepreneurial skills as a part of the course. Through the placement we are also trained on how to apply to the jobs, attend interviews and even write the assessments. These skills have made me more employable. 
Tell us about your work placement. 
I am currently four months into my placement. I found this USW – we get regularly get emailed all the available positions. I have applied to positions which suit my career interests and grabbed at the chance to be a business analyst intern in a start-up based in London. 
How have you found blended learning? 
The course lecturers have made blended learning very easy for us. Even though the classes were held online, lecturers were always available through emails, guiding us through every bit of the course.  
Was it easy to stay in touch with course mates and lecturers? 
Our lecturers made the learning as interactive as possible. We were given group assignments and projects which allowed us to stay in touch with each other even though we could not meet physically. We supported each other mentally during the tough times. We were able to empathize with each other which helped a lot. 
Did you study around other commitments? 
I started studying straight after my undergraduate course. However, USW is so good that students don’t find it difficult to manage both their family and studies. I have friends who came to the UK with their family and they were welcomed.  
How did you find the fees and funding process? 
The course fees are very reasonable for the quality of education we get. The funding process is great as scholarships are given to most students based on their previous academic and professional experiences. The money advice team responds to every inquiry within 24 hours. They have a solution for every money related problem which is a great help to students. 
Did you attend a University Open Day? 
I attended a University Open Day. I was sure about my decision of choosing USW after attending an Open Day. I really recommend attending as it is a great opportunity to every prospective student to interact directly with the course lecturers and leaders to get all your course related questions answered. 
Tell us about the location of the University. 
I was based on Treforest Campus - a beautiful town just 10 minutes from Cardiff city. The campus is located in between huge mountains and luscious greenery. This place makes anyone fall in love with it. It is so peaceful and has zero pollution. The fresh air seems so unusually good especially for students who come from big noisy cities. I love everything about Treforest Campus. 
Which support services have you accessed? 
There are so many services, such as student circus which helps students build their CVs and become job ready. Student development and study skills services provide extra help to students unable to cope up with their assignments and exams. The service which helped me the most is the USW online library service. The tool FINDit has so many books, research papers, e-books, videos and journals. It helped me with all the research required to complete assignments. I highly recommend all students take advantage of this free tool provided by the University. 
How have you got involved in the social life at USW? 
Unfortunately, I could not attend any events physically, but I have attended a few amazing social gatherings at the Student hub. Students from different courses, countries and cultures interact with each other and share their experiences. The Student hub is always full of positive energy. I am also a student ambassador and a UniBuddy ambassador for USW. 
Where have you lived? 
I lived in the University student halls and highly recommend it to anyone who prefers privacy (you get a room and bathroom to yourself). The accommodation office is open 24/7 providing help to students and security is also great. There is common kitchen for every floor which is shared by five others. I made few amazing friends at the accommodation so brownie points to the USW student accommodation halls. I made amazing friends in the University student halls. The accommodation office is always open and security is great. There is common kitchen for every floor which is shared by five others. I made few amazing friends at the accommodation so brownie points to the USW student accommodation halls. 
What are your future plans? 
After graduating, I hope to work with one of the top UK companies as a Business Analyst. I am working on enhancing the required skill set to pursue my dream role.