Storytelling Workshop

It is recognised that the mental life of young children – what the poet Wordsworth wrote was full of ‘celestial light’ - is the starting point from which their knowledge grows. 

During their first five years, the development of oral language is one of the child’s most impressive accomplishments, so it is important to provide children with language opportunities to enhance and sustain that growth.  A keyway to do this is through telling and sharing stories, which not only helps children to develop their language, but also imagination, creativity, and well-being. 

As part of enrichment activities provided by the course team, a storytelling week was arranged to help students build and enhance their own storytelling skills.  The week was a collaborative project, supported by award winning storyteller Daniel Morden, Professor Joseph Sobol and Llanmartin Primary School.  For a week, students learned about the importance of storytelling, how to construct a story and how to tell a story without the use of a book.  It was an extremely successful week and students identified how pivotal it had been developing their own confidence and building pedagogical skills.