Celebrate and mark this month with pride

Emma Adamson - LGBT+ History Month

For LGBT+ History Month Emma Adamson, Director of Learning Services, expresses her thanks to the LGBT+ people and allies that have made LGBT+ lives better, safer and more equitable: 
Working in Higher Education, we recognise and value the power that history plays in helping us make sense of our world; and our place within it. For me, the power of fiction and storytelling to help us understand the political could not have been brought to life (and death) better than in the Channel 4 drama ‘It’s a Sin.’ The programme is Russell T. Davies' searing account of the AIDS crisis. 
For those of us that watched (La!), the storytelling was giddy, exhilarating, tragic and gut-wrenching. This heady mix gave us our history with power, passion, the political with pride and friendship. I was at school when the AIDS tombstone adverts were broadcast. I remember the fear and hysteria and homophobia surrounding AIDS. I was too young to be directly impacted at that time. But the legacy of fear and anxiety for LGBT+ lives lasted.
It’s through sharing histories, highlighting LGBT+ lives, and narratives we'll better understand the progress made and the work still to do. 
Celebrating LGBT+ History Month, as a gay woman, I recognise the freedoms I benefit from. The legal, cultural, personal, and professional. So, thank you to those who have come before me; and the LGBT+ people and allies that have made LGBT+ lives better, safer and more equitable. 
So, this LGBT+ History month, find out about those LGBT+ lives and experiences lived to celebrate and mark this month with pride.