What LGBT+ History Month means to me

Vaughan Rees

“Desmond Tutu said, ‘I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven’. I want to say if it's homophobic, It can’t be heaven.” Said Vaughan Rees, Deputy Director of Chaplaincy Services. 
Here he speaks about what LGBT+History Month means to him: 
“I confess to sometimes feeling a little sad and frustrated when the Chaplaincy is viewed with a kind of respectful suspicion when it comes to LGBT issues. Given some of the things said by some Christians, there's an inevitability about this. So, I suppose I need to take it on the chin and commit myself to giving the lie to negative assumptions by the way I am, as a person, and the kind of service we offer as a Chaplaincy. 
Being open and affirming to others is not something I’ve learnt as part of a theological doctrine or a contemporary political theory. It's been a touchstone of my faithfulness to the God who was made known to me from childhood; at Dinas Noddfa, my home Baptist Chapel in Swansea. Being open and affirming is what I am because of my faith and not in spite of it. 
I have a vision that one day we will live in a world where different expressions of loving human sexuality will be celebrated and a confident hope that the Church as a whole will catch up and join in.”