5 Reasons why my journey toward becoming an adult nurse has been rewarding

Kochiwe Rowbotham - Adult nursing

Kochiwe was inspired to become an adult nurse by her mother, who's a nurse and her role model.

“Growing up listening to her talk about work and seeing how passionate she was about her job wanted me to follow the same path. I chose to study adult nursing as I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Here she shares five reasons why she’s found the journey toward becoming an adult nurse so rewarding:

1. I’ve been getting to know the patients and hearing about their life stories and experiences.

2. I’ve been there for a patient when they are dying.

During my work placement on a 'Care of The Elderly' ward, a patient was approaching their end of life. I stayed with them while we waited for the family to arrive. As I sat there holding their hand, I found it emotive. I wanted to remain professional while being empathetic.

3. I was able to comfort and support a patient when she was at her most vulnerable while on placement on a gynaecology ward.

I found this experience challenging as I was unsure of the right thing to say or do. However, I was able to offer my support and assistance especially during a pandemic when she couldn’t have family or friends present.

4. I assist patients with their personal care.

I support and maintain a patient‘s dignity while ensuring all their basic needs are met. This makes me feel fulfilled, especially when patients show their gratitude which gives me confidence that I am doing a good job. It reminds me why I’ve chosen this profession.

5. I’ve seen patients get better, knowing that I’ve been part of a team that has made that happen.