"I have learnt a lot of skills through the course, with the most pertinent having to be time management"

Nicolas Laurian

Nicolas Laurian, inspired by his father's professional journey as an accountant, chose USW for its ACCA-accredited accounting program. The course gave him a robust understanding of accounting, and passionately states, "Accounting excites me, and it is something I have always dreamed of doing so now I do enjoy every step of it."

Throughout his studies, he developed invaluable skills that have prepared him for the future. "I have learnt a lot of skills through the course, with the most pertinent having to be time management.” He also stressed the importance of learning from mistakes, noting that "we are constantly challenged by the lecturers so we can become proper accountants in the future with minimum work errors and how to adapt and fix the ones that do occur."

Nicolas has successfully applied the knowledge he's gained to his own bakery business, managing the accounts and establishing a proper system for recording business activities. His exposure to SAGE, an accounting software, during his second year at USW, he says, "helps businesses and accountants to better understand the business dealings or transactions as well as keeping the business records organised.”

The Trading Room at USW, part of the Accounting and Finance program, was particularly impactful for Nicolas. "The trading room is essential, especially for individuals who plan to go into financial trading and investments as it gives one a clear picture of how the trading platform works." This experience helped him understand how to minimise risks and maximise returns, again, highly beneficial to his business.

Nicolas advises future students to thoroughly research courses and be open with their lecturers. He highly recommends utilising the fantastic support services at USW, referring to his personal experience; "I have used the advice zone here at the university as there was a time, I had surgery and an assignment that was closing in. The advice zone understood my situation and offered me an extension submission date on the work."