"I got lucky enough to get employed in a private accounting firm before even graduating."

Joelle Sanou

Accounting and Finance student, Joelle, was enamoured with the diversity at USW. "There are different people from different cultures, and not only do I get educated in my field, but I also get to learn about different cultures and what makes them who they are". She also appreciated USW's academic excellence in accounting, a course catering for her love of numbers, stating, "I have always loved numbers...Accounting is fun for me. I am naturally an organised person, and I thought this role would suit my abilities best". The serene surroundings of Treforest further cemented her choice, as she believes a peaceful environment is key to successful study.

During her course, Joelle secured part-time employment at a private accounting firm, with eyes set on transitioning to full-time work after earning her degree. "I got lucky enough to get employed in a private accounting firm before even graduating... I am looking forward to being full-time employed once I complete my degree". Her long-term aspiration is to become a chartered accountant, planning to take the ACCA professional exams. The USW course has armed her with skills like "working on deadlines and meeting them", "critical and analytical thinking", and practical experience with industry-standard software such as Sage.

Joelle enjoys a vibrant social life at USW, partaking in various activities such as the Afro-Caribbean Society, student mentoring, and gym sessions. These engagements help her maintain a healthy work-life balance, learn about diverse cultures, and unwind. She cherishes the Treforest Pontypridd campus for its "motivating and more interactive" student society and its easy access to the city centre.

Joelle enthusiastically advises prospective students interested in accounting to "Go for it! If you are ambitious and like accounting, it is the right path and the number of options you get is incredible. You will not be limited, and you will end up having a good stable career". Her journey through USW exemplifies that the university is the perfect step into your career.