How to prepare for your fashion interview

15 portfolio and interview tips

Applying for our fashion course? In this piece, we tell you how to create a winning portfolio and ace your interview

As part of the process, you'll be invited to a short university interview.

To make sure you are fully-prepared, here is a set of tips to help build your confidence.

Don't be scared

The interview is a relaxed process that allows you to demonstrate your interest in the course and your knowledge of the subject.

It's also an opportunity to meet the staff who teach on our Fashion degree, as well as current students.

How to build a portfolio

  • Be selective in what you include, a maximum of 10 pieces is best

  • Pay particular attention to how and why you created you work, we will ask you all about each piece

  • Think about aesthetics, designers are focused on how things look and feel

  • Variety is key, show us what makes you special

  • Don’t be restricted to fashion, you portfolio will benefit from other creative work such as photography and writing

What we're looking for

  • We're not looking for fully-fledged designers, or even people who can sew. What we are looking for is potential, enthusiasm and ideas

  • We want to know why you made the decisions you did with your work, so practice speaking about this

We want potential and enthusiasm

  • You should know something about the subject area including who your favourite designer is and why so do your research

  • Be well rounded: One of the things we will be looking for is what else you can bring to the course, what makes you a unique person beyond fashion. Think books, films, sports, volunteering, employment, hobbies...

  • Ask questions: if there is anything you are unsure of or want to know, just ask. The only silly question is the one you didn’t ask 

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