Update or move from secondary to primary teaching

Tracey Evans, teacher training

Tracey Evans is part of the team who train Primary school teachers. She also runs the Returning and Supply Teachers’ Course that attracts Primary school teachers who have been out of the profession for a while as well as Secondary school teachers who feel that they would like to teach in a Primary setting. 

An experienced primary school teacher, Tracey has taught throughout the Primary age range and was once awarded Teacher Coach of the Year by Sport Wales.

"The Returning and Supply Teachers’ Course serves to deliver the necessary components for teachers who have been out of teaching for five years or more to be able to apply to the GTCW to return to the profession. 

Without some training of this kind, teachers who have been out of the profession for this length of time are not able to return. Therefore an already popular course is becoming increasingly so.

This part-time course, which starts in February, centres around fifteen Wednesdays in university. The days in university are varied and include lectures, discussions, practical activities and informal tutorials. 

Students also complete ten days (or equivalent) working in schools, either voluntarily or in a paid position, and this can be tailored to suit individual requirements. 

Tutors on the course are all former teachers like myself, who are still actively engaged in education. Education is constantly changing and it is important that as tutors we are able to maintain contact with schools and teachers.  This course allows us to do just that so that we can stay abreast of current issues and initiatives."