Step inside our Crime Scene Training Facility

Investigate realistic crime scenes to gain hands-on, practical experience

Forensic Evidence and Crime Scene Laboratories

Our crime scene laboratories are used by forensic science and police sciences students to learn more about particular types of evidence such as fingerprints, footwear marks, tyre treads and blood spatter patterns. The correct evaluation of these evidence types is crucial to the success of a forensic investigation, and our students will learn how to do so using methodical, technical approaches.

In our evidence handling laboratories, you will search for a whole range of evidence types such as hairs, fibres and blood on items such as clothing and weapons that you will have recovered from a simulated crime scene.

Our DNA analysis laboratory contains an industry standard genetic analyser, allowing you to be trained in the production and interpretation of DNA profiles, like those on the national DNA database.

Crime Scene Investigation Facilities

The Crime Scene Training Facility contains a number of realistic crime scene simulations – from domestic burglaries and break-ins, to more complex scenes such as homicides and fatal fires. This gives forensic science students experience in crime scene examination, and allows you to learn about potential issues that may arise at crime scenes such as a contamination and how to avoid it.

You will also learn about the identification, documentation, recovery and packaging of evidence and the chain of custody principles. Students learn how to methodically search for and correctly recover a range of physical evidence types using our crime scene simulations.

Analytical and Chemistry Laboratories

Our chemistry and analytical laboratories are considered to be on a par with those found in industry. If you choose to study one of our forensic courses, you will make full use of the laboratories during your studies and gain hands-on experience using extensive analytical equipment, enabling you to develop a portfolio of highly desirable practical skills.

Built to the latest standards of safety, our laboratories cater for moderate class sizes to ensure students receive a more personal practical experience. In particular, when using the more specialised equipment and facilities, you will find yourself working in groups of up to four or five students.