Cardiff's top takeaways on Deliveroo

We all have those evenings when the only food that will do is a takeaway. Whether you’ve had a long day in university, celebrating an occasion, or just enjoying your weekend, it can be hard choosing what to eat – especially with so many options available online at the click of a button. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the highest-rated takeaways on the delivery app Deliveroo right now. It is important to remember that this is just a tiny selection of what is available in Cardiff. 

Here are the top 11 places to order dinner from according to Deliveroo:

1. Fizz n Flour

One of the top-rated restaurants on Deliveroo right now with five stars, Fizz n Flour is perfect if you’re looking for a delicious slice of pizza. With five stars under its belt, Fizz n Flour offers classic pizzas like a Margherita or Peperoni pizza to signature pizzas like the Spicy Salmi Napoli or Goats Cheese and Rocket pizza. 

If you’re feeling adventurous you can also try the Pontcanna restaurant’s Chicken Tikka pizza, which comes covered in mint yogurt and red onions with coriander, or the nacho chicken pizza which has its own nacho crumb crust. With pizzas ranging from £10 to £13, you can also expect a variety of your favourite sides such as garlic bread, onion rings and mozzarella sticks.

Pizza with friends by skynesher on Getty

2. Pink Kiwi

Check out the Pink Kiwi if you’re looking for a tasty treat for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Based on Crwys Road, the Pink Kiwi is rated at 4.9 stars out of five on Deliveroo for its delicious range of cakes, salads, paninis, breakfasts, desserts, and drinks. 

From halal and veggie fry-ups to French toast, you’ll be spoiled for choice at breakfast time. You can also enjoy a pesto and mozzarella panini, or a salad with falafel or halloumi. Why not order a Korean Dalgona coffee, a smoothie, or a carrot cupcake to treat yourself from home as you work?

French toast 1 by Arx0nt on Getty

3. Twisted Health Kitchen

Can’t be bothered to cook but trying to stick to healthy eating? Twisted Health Kitchen has you covered as it offers tasty and nutritious using fresh produce. 

Owned by Deliveroo and set up in partnership with burrito chain restaurant Barburrito and registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert in 2020, you can expect some of your favourite foods made healthier. Protein bowls and fit bowls are both on the menu for £11.25 featuring meat or a vegan substitute of your choice with rice, salad, and toppings such as smashed avocado, jalapeños, or pink pickled onions. 

Twisted Health Kitchen, which is operated from Barburrito in St David’s Two and has been rated at 4.8 stars on Deliveroo, also offers sides such as chicken wings, fries, edamame beans, smashed avocado and rainbow coleslaw.

Burrito bowl by bhofack2 on Getty

4. Falafel Corner

Looking to wrap up dinner without much effort? Get a fresh and flavourful Lebanese wrap from the Falafel Corner to enjoy mouth-watering Middle Eastern flavours. It’s not hard to see why this vegetarian Queen Street restaurant is so high-up on Deliveroo with a 4.8 rating. 

Whether you’re after pitta bread, a Lebanese wrap, or a salad bowl, you can expect it to be stuffed with falafel which is crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside as well as delicious houmous, halloumi, feta, roasted vegetables, and a variety of salad items. Falafel Corner, which also offers sides such as stuffed vine leaves and za’atar bread as well as a variety of soft drinks, is also friendly on your wallet with main items costing between £6 and £8.

Falafel by nonmim on Getty

5. YukiYan Sushi Japanese

If you’re in the mood for sushi or Japanese food, look at YukiYan Sushi Japanese Restaurant. From salads to your favourite Japanese dishes including tofu, noodles, rice, and dumplings, to its huge selection of sushi - this 4.7 restaurant in Cathays has plenty of options for everyone. 

Why not try a delicious bowl of ramen or a plate of gyozas? Whether you’re ordering as a group or individually, this Woodville Road restaurant is perfect for anybody looking to enjoy a Japanese feast.

Sushi by Liudmila Chernetska on Getty

6. Romeat

Order a slice of delicious pizza direct to your door from Albany Road-based restaurant Romeat. With its hand-stretched bases, flame cooking and fresh ingredients, this traditional Rome-style pizza will not disappoint you. 

Romeat makes everything from the classics like Margherita or Pepperoni pizzas to unique pizzas with a blend of tasty ingredients like the Fontana di Trevi, the Castel Sant’Angelo, or Pantheon. 

With its 4.7 rating, Romeat also has a variety of delicious and interesting sides on Deliveroo from your favourite cheesy garlic bread and rice balls to filthy Bolognese-topped fries or salami croquettes if you want some extra on the side.

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7. Wahaca

For fresh food with bold flavours, order delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine from Wahaca Cardiff. The street food restaurant has been voted the best Mexican on all Deliveroo. Wahaca, which is a small UK-wide chain, offers a large and diverse menu to fit all dietary requirements and preferences. 

You can order all your favourite Mexican comfort foods such as tacos and quesadillas to burritos and burrito bowls and churros. There are various vegan options on the menu meaning you can order vegan tacos, burritos, nachos, and even vegan churros. If you’re in the mood for a tasty drink with your meal, this Hayes-based restaurant sells soft drinks, beers, and pre-mixed cocktails to go with your order. If you’re a fan of Mexican food, then Wahaca is a must-try on Deliveroo where it is rated 4.7.

Tacos by zoranm on Getty

8. Rosa's Thai

In the mood for Thai food from the comfort of your own home? Check out Rosa’s Thai which prides itself on serving a variety of delicious and authentic dishes. You can expect Pad Thai, tasty noodles, Thai curries, crispy spring rolls, fiery stir-fries, seafood, meats, tofu, vegetables and so much more from this restaurant which is rated 4.7 on Deliveroo. 

Rosa’s Thai started in London in 2007, founded by Thai chef Saiphin who grew up in Khao Kho in Thailand, and has since grown into a UK-wide franchise. Whatever you choose from the restaurant on Church Street, you can also wash it down with Thai bubble tea made in house or even Rosa’s Thai’s own beer.

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9. The Athenian Tree

Head to The Athenian Tree on Deliveroo if you’re after a taste of the Mediterranean. Rated 4.7 on the app, this Greek Mezze restaurant is loved in the city for its menu including delicious houmous, feta, gyros, halloumi, wraps, salads, tzatziki as well as other specialities from Greece such as Moussaka, Feta Saganaki, and Baklava. 

Based on Cowbridge Road East, there are a lot of warming and authentic dishes which won’t break the bank on offer. Using fresh quality produce, The Athenian Tree is run by four friends from Greece who are looking to bring their favourite dishes to the Welsh capital.

Greek gyros by Rawf8 on Getty

10. Magic Wrap

Studying at home and just looking for something quick to keep you going? Why not order something from the Magic Wrap? As the name suggests, this Queen Street venue specialises in wraps. While its menu on Deliveroo is simple, you will still feel spoiled for choice as you can build your own delicious wrap or flavourful salad bowl with options like houmous, vegetables, salads, meats, cheeses, mint yogurt, and more. 

Of course, you can order one of the signature menu wraps such as the New Orleans with southern fried chicken and avocado and ranch sauce, the Falafel Wrap, or the Edgy Veggie which includes roasted vegetables, grilled halloumi, and sweet chili sauce. 

Whatever wrap or salad bowl you settle on from the Magic Wrap, why not grab a side of wedges or crisps or a dessert such as a cookie or a brownie to go with it? It’s easy to see why this 4.7-rated takeaway is a favourite lunch spot in the city.

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11. JI The Chicken Shop

In the mood for a twist on something familiar? JI The Chicken Shop offers a variety of delicious fried treats for you to try on Deliveroo. The 4.7 rated chicken shop has you covered whether you’re in the mood for crunchy fried chicken, crispy chicken nuggets or wings or something new and different. 

As well as chicken, this Cowbridge Road East restaurant serves other crispy dishes like octopus, king prawns, tofu, sweet potatoes, lotus root chips, squid, aubergine, crab meat sticks aubergine and cheesy chicken pieces. 

Why not wash it all down with a Taiwanese milk or fruit tea which is also available on Deliveroo in various flavours. JI Chicken also offers its special teas including matcha milk tea, taro milk tea, tea with boba pearls and refreshing mango coconut sago tea.

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