Admissions Statement

University of South Wales Admissions policies/procedures are compliant with the QAA Code of practice for the assurance of academic quality and standards in higher education – Section 10: Admissions to higher education. If you have any queries about our Admissions Policy, contact the Operations Manager 03455 76 77 78 or at


  • Admission to study at the University will be fair, clear and explicit, and all policies/procedures relating to admissions are implemented consistently.
  • Our decisions regarding admissions to higher education are made by staff equipped to make those decisions.

Recruitment and Selection:

  • University of South Wales promotional materials are accurate, relevant, current, and accessible and provide information that will enable applicants to make informed decisions about their options.
  • Our entry requirements are advertised in the prospectus, the website and the UCAS website (full-time undergraduate courses only) to provide transparency of information for applicants. These are supported by procedures which are followed fairly, courteously, consistently and expeditiously by experienced staff.
  • The University conducts its admissions processes efficiently, effectively and courteously according to fully documented procedures

Information to applicants:

  • We will inform applicants of any conditions that might apply to the offer of a place. This will be conveyed to applicants through UCAS for full-time undergraduate courses and directly to applicants for postgraduate and part-time (or our appointed agents in all other instances).
  • Where the University of South Wales has to make significant changes to a programme of study the applicant will be informed at the earliest opportunity of the available options.
  • We will inform applicants who have accepted a place of arrangements for enrolment, registration, induction and orientation of new students.

Feedback to unsuccessful applicants

Where applicants have been rejected the University will, on receipt of a written request (see below for required format), provide individual feedback to the applicant:

  • In writing from the applicant to the Enquiries & Admissions Team Note: Data protection legislation means that the University is unable to respond to requests for feedback put forward by third parties unless the applicant has formally nominated them in writing.
  • Within 10 days of receipt of the University’s decision, whether this is communicated by UCAS or the University directly.
  • To include their application reference number, their full name and the programme of study applied for in their written request.

The University will provide its feedback about the application in a single written response within 10 working days. The University will not enter into a dialogue with applicants in the provision of feedback given the large number of applications received each year. Guidance on the University’s web site provides detail as to the type of feedback that can be expected which may include where appropriate guidance on how to improve an application for future years. Note: Some courses are highly competitive and applicants need to recognise that feedback may simply state the fact that other applicants were stronger or that the course is not in our opinion suitable for them. The University will only allow a maximum of three consecutive applications from any one applicant to the same subject area.

There may be occasions when an applicant feels unhappy with the manner in which the admissions process was undertaken or its outcome. In the interests of fairness to applicants, the University has a Complaints and Appeals Procedure (see below). The University seeks to ensure that all complaints and appeals are dealt with quickly and investigated thoroughly. If a complaint or appeal is upheld, the University will take appropriate action. If a complaint or appeal is not upheld, the reasons for the decision will be communicated to the applicant. Note: Applicants will not be disadvantaged in any way because they have used the Complaints and Appeals Procedure.

* Feedback for all Undergraduate Nursing/Midwifery applications will only be provided at the point of rejection either on UCAS Track for UCAS applicants or via email for online applications to the University.  Additional feedback is not provided.

Complaints and Appeals:

  • Where an applicant has a complaint about the University of South Wales admissions process the applicant should put their complaint in writing to the Operations Manager via . Applicants should include their name, address date of birth and the course applied for. Complaints will normally be responded to in full within 20 working days.
  • The University of South Wales will consider appeals made in writing with regards the outcome of a selection decision. The appeal should be made in writing to the Operations Manager via . Applicants should include their name, address date of birth and the course applied for. Appeals will normally be responded to in full within 20 working days.
  • The University of South Wales regularly reviews its policies and procedures in order to support its mission and strategic objectives, to ensure they remain current and to reflect changing circumstances.

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